Who is abfg616?

Allan Benjamin Franklin Grant (a.k.a ABFG616) is an artist, visionary, playboy, two time winner of Mongolia’s sexiest bachelor, and philanthropist. His style is somewhere between calligraphy and neo-post modernism. While many people who experience Allan’s art would expect him to have been on drugs while he created them, we can assure you he was stone cold sober when they were drawn, he’s just like that. It gives you that crazy psychedelic experience you just can’t find anymore. Followers of ABFG616 have commented things such as “I’d never had thought of something like this (a painting of a green man with shrek reflected off his glasses), but now that I’m looking at it, it just makes sense”. Fans have also said things about his animations like “I thought “Paul Tomei God Slayer should have definitely won Best Animated Feature at the Oscars this year, in fact when it didn’t I killed Jeffery Katsenburg as retribution”. Words alone can’t really do Allan justice, that’s probably why he chooses to draw instead.

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Biography was written specially by Jackson Barnes. Give him a sip of your grape juice if you see him. The photos were taken by him as well so that’s worth a box of store bought cookies.

Jackson’s website can be found here: https://barnesphotographer.com